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(former Iron Maiden, solo)

“I have played with Francis and Scelerata for many years and they are always my first choice of bands in Brazil. Francis is a great drummer, with a great technique, a fantastic all around drummer. But most importantly he's a great friend. I recommend him highly.”

(Sepultura, drums)

“I greatly admire Francis. To me he is one of the few metal drummers in Brazil who deserves all kinds of acknowledgements. I'm a true fan!”

(Scelerata, guitar)

"Francis is an impressive drummer! During the pre-production of Scelerata's 4th studio album, I had the chance to compose and work most of the arrangements along with him and to see up close the level of musicality and sensitivity presented in him. He is a musician with a great vision. He understands well the role of the drums in the arrangements, while being very emotional and has a strong artistic personality.
I could not fail to mention that besides being an impressive musician and an excellent professional, he is also an incredible human being."

(Music Producer, Sound Engineer)

"Over the course of 15 years, I've had the pleasure of recording and mixing some of the best Brazilian and world drummers, such as Aquiles Priester (Hangar, Tony MacAlpine, WASP, former Angra) Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork), Virgil Donati, Gergo Borlai, Kiko Freitas among many others. Francis is, without a doubt, one of the best drummers I've ever worked with. He's the kind of drummer who records in 1 or 2 takes phrases and fills that the vast majority of drummers would take at least 30 takes or just would not be able to play. People don’t mention this much, but the DRUMMER is the most important part of the recording setup. While I was recording Francis, it seemed that I was watching a video lesson, or an already mixed and mastered album, thanks to his "playing." The pressure on the kick drums and the snare while he's playing ridiculously fast parts, along with the seasonable volume of the cymbals, provided a perfect sound. Francis is a "rare" drummer, he plays things like they should be. Last but not least, he's a SUPER easy-going, fun guy and easy to work with. Today, Francis is at the top of my list of options for bands that need a session drummer for a recording."

(Angra, bass)

“Francis is an unwavering drummer, with the kind of solid grip and refined technique that gives every band the assuredness needed on stage.”

(Street Flash, vocalist)

"I have the great honor and pleasure to be playing with Francis for 10 years, and to be his friend for almost 20. I think any musician who practices and dedicates himself can obtain technique, however what sets them apart from others who also have excellent technique, is their musicality, musical expression and creativity. And these are exactly the characteristics of which Francis stands out the most. He is certainly one of the best drummers I have ever played with. The most complete for sure, since Francis can do excellent backup vocals, something that I consider paramount for any musician. Last but not least, I greatly admire him for being the excellent person he is, of unquestionable character, a protector of nature and animals. These noble causes demonstrate only some of his virtues as a human being. He is a great brother of life that I have the happiness and honor to have."

(W.A.S.P., Tony MacAlpine, ex-Angra, Noturnall, Hangar, drums)

“I've known Francis for a long time, and throughout these years, he's a professional who's been improving himself in a very innovative way in the music scene. Francis has proven himself to be a great entrepreneur within his business, never losing sight of his academic side, and playing an important role in forging new musicians through his private drum lessons. About his drumming skills, I'm biased to say since I've always been a fan of his musicality and technique. He is one of the greatest active drummers in Brazil's metal scenario, one that draws attention when seated playing behind a drum kit.”

(Scelerata, guitarist, composer and music producer)

"If there's a virtue that I admire in a drummer, it's when he manages to combine technique and musicality. And Francis masters to  unite these two qualities in a way few drummers can do."

(Street Flash, keyboards)

“Francis is a dynamo. He is Street Flash's engine and holder of a monstrous precision/reliability. Rock bands are usually known to be guitar driven, but in my opinion, Street Flash is entirely a drum driven band. And, besides all that, in his spare time, Francis is a fantastic person as well.” 

(Street Flash, guitar)

"Playing with Francis was an incredible experience! Can`t put a price on sharing the stage with someone so intense and with such a vibrant energy! Undoubtedly the best drummer that I played with and also a dear friend that I cherrish and respect very much, not only as a musician but also as a human being! I wish all the success and lots of happiness to him!"

(former Scelerata, Hibria, guitarist, producer)

“I've had the pleasure of playing with Francis Cassol for a few years in Scelerata. In addition to being a skillful drummer, Francis has a very particular musicality and a very unique drum phrasing.”

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