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PAISTE CYMBALS - Francis' history with Paiste Cymbals goes way back to 1994, when his father bought him his very first cymbals, a pair of Paiste Alpha hats.

Since then, Francis became a huge Paiste fan. His first drum teacher, Danilo Pizzato, had all Paiste Cymbals, and his drum heroes Nicko McBrain and Aquiles Priester, both long time Paiste artists, were also huge influences on him.


The passion turned into an edorsement relationship in June, 2018, which Francis is very proud of.


Learn more about Francis' Paiste Cymbals setup at:

URBANN BOARDS DRUMMER SHOES - Endorsee since 2007, Francis came up with the idea for what would become Urbann Boards top-selling shoe. 


Being vegan, Francis encouraged the company to create a vegan shoe, made with no animal products whatsoever. In 2015, during a drum clinic in Porto Alegre, Brazil,

Francis debuted ths BLAST model. 


Urbann Boards works with drummers such as Neil Peart, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers,

Aquiles Priester, among many others.


Purchase your very own Urbann Boards BLAST model at the following link:

C. IBAÑEZ DRUMSTICKS - Francis and C. Ibañez drumsticks began their relationship in 2009, right before Francis's first tour with  Paul DiAnno.

C. Ibañez is Brazil's number 1 drumstick, being founded by legendary drummer Clóvis Ibañez, back in 1985.  


Francis Cassol plays with the 905 Heavy Metal model.

Learn more about Francis and C. Ibañez at the following link:

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